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Bike Tracks on Railway Reserves

By Bruce Barbour - March 2016

The idea is to use the unused land in rail reserve for bike tracks. There is usually a fair bit of land both sides of the rail track - usually enough room for a bike track. At railway stations the bike tracks could be lowered in a culvert type structure to pass around the outside of the station. At rail bridges would need construct parallel bridges for the bikes - but these would be quite light weight structures.

The bike track would be fairly flat (as trains need low gradients) and run radially into the city - great for commuting.
l.believe that this is both doable and affordable.

I predict that the rail authorities won't like it but it is public land after all and if the land can be better used it should be. And there will be the predictable NIMBY response from some adjoining landholders.

(Submitted in response to a Future Melbourne post that suggested the construction of "bike highways" under elevated rail tracks.)

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