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I was recently out in the countryside hoping to get a bit of fresh air, to blow the pollution of city living out of my system. However it was not to be. Vic Parks had chosen that period to carryout fuel reduction burns in a large number of areas across the state. The experts say that this is necessary so that any bush fires that occur in the summer period will be able to be controlled more easily. This is a noble aim - large bushfires are bad news in Australia. However the problem is that while the controlled burn is going on the smoke in the air is very thick and very unpleasant. I am sure it must cause breathing problems for those susceptible. Has there been studies on the health effect on the personnel involved in the burn off, they must be breathing in large amounts of smoke over periods of days and weeks. It also can't be good for carbon release into the atmosphere. Has anyone done the studies about how it affects the flora and fauna - how quickly do the little animals come back to the area and how many are killed by the process.

Here is my crazy idea. Instead of burning the undergrowth in situ why not slash/mow and vacuum the floor. I realise that this will not be possible for all areas due to terrain but maybe for a proportion. Specialised equipment would be necessary (taking out the Victa would probably not work). Failure to get all material should not be an issue, and may be a benefit to the flora and fauna in the area, the aim is to lessen the fuel load so any natural fires that do occur are more easily controlled. Material collected could than be burnt in efficient furnaces and used for the production of electricity. Crazy eh!

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