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Bruce Barbour - April 2019.

Having had a significant birthday a late last year (2018) I think it is now time that I share some of the knowledge that I have learnt over the years so that the younger people and others can benefit from my years of experience..

Cleaning between your teeth. Cleaning between your teeth is as important as brushing, if not more so. Brushing should be done twice at day, at least and cleaning between the teeth should be done at least once a day, preferably just before bed time. At some stage I was told to floss my teeth with flossing string - or whatever it is called. I tried to do this however my mouth was too small and I could not reach in to the teeth at the back of the mouth to do this. Consequently I stopped trying. The result was lots of decay, pain and enriched dentists. Then at some stage not that long ago a dentist suggested I use inter-dental brushes as an alternative to flossing. The most well known of these is Piksters. Brilliant, I could now remove all the gunk from between my teeth without having to dislocate my jaw doing it. There are also other alternatives to normal flossing that may work for you - check what is available at a chemist. By the time I got this advice it was really too late for me, the damage had been done. The dentists are now assured of ongoing dental work as the old fillings break down and have to be replaced. Each time they replace them they remove a bit more of the original tooth until one day they say you have to get a crown. Thousands of dollars of work - gee dentists know how to charge rip off prices. And specialists are twice as bad. They all should have been socialised, along with the doctors.

Why wasn't I advised by the dental profession to use Piksters or similar earlier? Anyway - the advice is - start using Piksters or similar early and use them daily, if you can't use normal floss. Deny dentists their retirement income streams and save yourself a lot of pain and time.

Fashion advice. Two pieces of advice here. Buy and wear only black socks - usually*. In that way you do not have to waste time trying to match pairs of socks - if you can find the appropriate pair. Take the black socks off the clothes line and throw them into the drawer singly.  Then when you want sock just grab any two and you're right to go. No-one is going to notice that they are not a matched pair - they are black and covered by your shoes and bottom of your pants. Saves tons of time. If one sock gets a hole in it just throw the one sock out - don't have to throw out the pair. This is a cost saving.
*This approach falls down if you are wearing shorts or need to wear white or coloured sports socks - so some compromise may need to be made depending on your lifestyle and activities.

Own and wear only grey singlets, if you wear singlets at all. White and dark singlets can show through thin business shirts - which is a dreadful look. Grey singlets don't show through as much.

Tinea. Don't waste your money on expensive creams that often don't work. The best approach is to not get tinea in the first place. Fungal infections love moisture and can't grow or survive without it. It is a matter of making sure between the toes is completely dry after showering. Using towels is not 100% effective at this. I suggest you buy a hair dryer. Make it a good quality one as you will be using it daily. After the shower dry your feet with the towel as usual and then use the hair dryer to ensure between your toes is completely dry. If you have active tinea try blowing the toes a number of times a day with the hair dryer. It is also best if the dryer has a true cold setting which doesn't use as much energy (cold is fine on warm mornings) and won't damage your hair if you actually use it to dry your hair. This approach may also be used for preventing fungal infections elsewhere on the body. Use the cold setting or the lowest warm setting and highest air flow with the dryer held away from the body

* * * * * * * *

So that is it - that is what I have learnt. In the words of the great philosophers (PF) - thought I'd something more to say.

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