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Thank you for visiting my site.

This site contains some thoughts on a range of subjects which interest me. I will slowly add more subjects over time.

An understanding of the functioning of a society is important, particularly if you wish to address some of the social problems that are occurring, such as crime. A comprehensive theoretical understanding of social processes is necessary to ensure that any policy put in place addresses all aspects of the problem and does not have unforeseen consequences. The article "Sociology and Criminology" is part of my attempt to understand the workings of society. The approach offers a simple rational understanding of crime. It is my attempt at an over-arching theory of crime which strangely seems to be missing from crime theory. There are a lot of theories but they tend to only take account of crimes for a particular socioeconomic sector or crime type - no theory ties them together. Another thing that I noticed about current crime theory is the lack of a theory which takes account of a persons beliefs and philosophies. Some of the greatest crimes in history are due to misguided beliefs e.g. Hitler's belief in Aryan superiority and the numerous religious wars. So it is quite logical to me that belief and personal philosophy can also play a part in the lesser crimes of society.

Happiness is a topic of interest to me. I have written an extensive section on what I have called Conscious Happiness. In that section I propose two interrelated models of consciousness and then examine how each part of the consciousness is best utilised in the pursuit of happiness. Ultimately I propose that in order to achieve happiness people develop a personal Happiness Strategy that combines a number of the approaches to happiness, each chosen to maximise their chances of achieving long lasting and resilient happiness. I hope you find the section on Conscious Happiness interesting and useful.

The Internet is of course a subject of great interest. I have some concerns that the Internet will be dominated by big business and big Government, to the exclusion of community groups. It also concerns me that the Internet could be another force for the destruction of local neighbourhood community as people find it easier to communicate outside the community through the Internet. However this need not be the case if the community can realise the potential of the Internet to communicate, not just across the world but across the street. I have set up "The Strathmore Website" as an example of a community website and also written some further ideas in "Internet and the Community".

The environment should be the concern of all citizens. I have listed some practical suggestions for changing our current approach to the environment in "Green Oversite". All we need is the will to change.

The Not-a-Blog - The Miscellaneous Ideas page is a holding page for short pieces I have written. Some are based on letters I have written to various people or posts on other websites. Some are about ideas that I think are interesting or worthwhile, or stuff that I want to whinge about. Its not a blog because I don't post that often.

The Music and Other Stuff includes some of my favourite music as found on YouTube - sorry no free downloads here. Also includes a YouTube climate change and other documentaries.

Favourite Software is my selection of the most useful free software that I have found.

I hope you find some interest in the above articles even if you do not agree with the sentiments expressed. I encourage you to Email me if you wish to comment on any of the articles.


Bruce Barbour.

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