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Photovoltaic System
June 2019
My initial observations on my photovoltaic system which was installed in early March 2019.
Grants for Higher Building Star Rating March 2016 Based on a submission to Future Melbourne 2026, run by Melbourne City Council.
Energy Education Centre
March 2016
Based on a submission to Future Melbourne 2026, run by Melbourne City Council. Also suggested on my Green Oversite website a few years earlier.
Society and Work
Covid-19 and Vitamin D
August 2022
Further trialing of Vitamin D required.
November 2020
What will society be like in 2050? This "message from the future" suggests one possibility.
Political Reform
November 2020 Mainly about the reform of the Senate to make it more representative and a true house of review.
Voting Reform
November 2020 Suggestions on reform of voting to increase voting security
October 2020
A complete section of many pages on a lot of taxation, financial, political and societal reform suggestions. I may add to this over time.
Housing - Financial Treatment
October 2020
Capital gains tax treatment and a proposal for incorporating housing into the superannuation system
Contracts Officer Notes
October 2020
Notes on Contracts Officer duties in Victorian Local Government
Public Transport Fare Structure in Melbourne
June 2018
Suggested improvements to Melbourne's Public Transport fare structure.
Sham Consulting!
July 2018
Some comments on my brush with sham consulting while seeking temporary work.
Behavioural Job Interview Questions
March 2017
A critique of a current job interview approach.
Internet and Community
Feb 1999
Ideas on the use of the Internet to enhance local community communications
The Republic

Originally written around the time of the Republican forum. Revised at a later time.

Can an Agnostic Believe in Anything?
March 2024 Can an Agnostic Believe in Anything?
Can you Prove a Negative?
February 2024 Can You Prove a Negative?
Is ChatGPT a dud?
January 2024 Does ChatGPT just make up things when it doesn't know?
November 2023 In support of Agnosticism.
Determinism Miscellany
November 2023 Further thoughts on the free will determinism debate.
Freewill and Determinism October 2023 My take on the age old debate.
On Not Knowing
May 2023
Can you have knowledge without evidence? Or should it be automatically dismissed?
Philosophy Videos and Podcasts April 2023 A list of my favourite philosophy videos and podcasts.
Grasping is the Source of all Anguish (PDF) June 2009 Wisdom from Sogyal Rinpoche? You decide.
The Golden Rule (PDF) June 2009 Some say that the Negative Golden Rule is the better formulation.
Eckhart Tolle Nov 2008 Some brief comments on Eckhart Tolle's philosophy.
Enemies of Reason May 2008 Comments on a Richard Dawkins' Program.
War is Stupid April 2008 After reading this piece people of the world will throw down their arms and convert their weapons to plough shares. (If only it was true!)
Money takes a shallow look at a definition of evil. It was written as a short, fun piece. Make what you will of it.

Product Review Feb 2020 Some product reviews of equipment that I have bought that I have issues with.
Margaret Barbour - A Life in Guiding
Nov 2019
About my mother's long involvement in the Girl Guide Association.
Transport Museum for Melbourne
Feb 2016
Based on a submission to Future Melbourne 2026, run by Melbourne City Council - and a much earlier suggestion to the now defunct Docklands Authority.
Crazy Ideas

Mowing Maniac May 2008 A novel alternative to burning off

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